What is Freestyledive anyway?


So what is this blog about?

Whenever technology has arrived, it has always been disruptive, from the steam engine to the first Macintosh. It does not ask before it changes the social, cultural and economic landscape. FreeStyleDive is an effort to capture and reflect on the changes happening around us everyday. In a way, this blog helps to humble myself, and stay relevant  so when kids say “My robot crashed so I couldn’t do my homework”  instead of  “my dog ate it”, I don’t freak out.

About the author of this blog:

Mohtashim (aka Mr Shim) is a Technology Management Professional based out of Toronto, Canada. His expertise includes software development &  infrastructure solutions. He helps his clients with their most challenging business problems by implementing cutting edge solutions, and works to effectively bridge the geek->business strategy chasm. Some have called him the “geek in disguise” for his ability to walk into the boardroom from the software lab and back again without having to duck.

Before moving to Canada, he worked at IBM and for startups in Pakistan and in Austin, Texas.  He is currently wrapping up his MBA (Strategic Management) degree at the Schulich School of Business.

He can be reached via email at mohtashim (at) gmail (dot) com, or you can find him on google by feeling lucky.

Mohtashim Ahmed's Facebook Profile

And now, for the disclaimer : I am NOT paid/endorsed by ANY company/person/entity I mention in my blogs. I am not paid to blog, and all opinions are my personal opinions not linked to my workplace or other people.


14 thoughts on “What is Freestyledive anyway?

  1. Mphtashim is a well known Seasoned IT Professional, and is contributing a lot to help improve the IT industry in Pakistan.

    He is one of those individuals, I have found very creative with full of innovative ideas.

    He is also one of those who are doing alot of hard-work and involved in many activities at the same time, and so he is ALWAYS BUSY!

    I wish him GREAT LUCK…

  2. Mohtashim, amaana is aggressively hiring top engineering talent to move beyond Beta. How do we reach out to your audience and network to connect with the right people? Please shoot me an email back with your ideas. Thanks.

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