Mac OSx Leopard VM running on my IBM T61 with Vista


have been giving alot of thought lately to moving to a Mac as a primary development platform, leaving behind my 12+ year associated with Windows and even my more recent Linux influx. I think the best ever Windows go to with XP..Vista has yet to impress, and maybe finding this as an excuse I decided to play around with the MAC OS, without standing for hours at an Apple store with someone store guy bugging me. After a few days of tinkering, here is the result: Using pcwiz’s VM release, I have a fully operational Leopard VM running on my Windows Vista laptop. (Yes, Leopard VM ON Vista, not XP/Vista ON a Macbook)

Mac OSx on Vista

This works well if you want to demo/play with the OS but is slow and you will not get any of the performance benefits of a real Mac. I did this to see if the usability is as credible as the hype says it is.

disclaimers : This is a test I did for educational purposes only. Buy a Mac OS Leopard license , or a Mac box if you plan to use a similar technique for daily work in a commercial environment.


8 thoughts on “Mac OSx Leopard VM running on my IBM T61 with Vista

  1. Um, which distro are you using? Kalyway? I’ve been trying to get this to work on my Intel SSE3 WinXP with VMware 6 for ages with iATKOS and Kalyway images and can’t get past the “Do Not Enter” sign on the installer. You don’t have to be my tech support, I was just curious.

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