The Lootmaar beta..go there and fish!



The game-changing lootmaar auction site’s beta has been live now for about a week at :

This is as close to a real local ebay as it gets… This is a limited public beta, and will only cater to a select number of sellers. But bidders can register and start buying or bidding right away. I am a beta tester for the site, and have posted one of my mp3 players (for only 800 pkr) here:

I also have bid, won and had an item delivered to my house and the experience was flawless. The model is similar to India’s Bazee, which was accquired by ebay for USD 27 Million last year. And I am quite certain this model will work for Pakistan.

This is one of the better local web 2.0 apps I have tested… and this gets added to the list!


3 thoughts on “The Lootmaar beta..go there and fish!

  1. Amazing effort – and bound to be successful! I am biased because I have met the young people who have developed this application.

    Mohtashim – not fair – why not sell one of your ipods instead of this mp3 player? I am one of the testers too and i will be putting stuff up soon. Have had a tough week.

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