Software App built in Pakistan wins Top award at VMWorld


I think this is a first for any software company in Pakistan and will go down in history as a first among firsts 🙂

309553_clearcubelogo3001.gif logofrt.jpg

ClearCube Technology’s  Sentral 5.6 Enterprise Management Suite is developed by FiveRivers Technologies, out of Lahore, and has been improved year after year for the past 4-5 years. FRT has been working with Clearcube for awhile now and the FRT team builds most of their enterprise management software products that compete with the likes of HP, VMware, IBM Tivoli, etc.

This year, Clearcube entered Sentral into the  VMware’s VM World 2007 and won the award for best Desktop virtualization software, over, yes OVER VMware workstation.

Sentral Screenshot:


VM World is one of the most important and well known enterprise IT computing conferences in the world right now.

This is probably the biggest PR win for any Pakistan software company this year.  It proves that we can,and do, build world class software in collaboration with partners and customers anywhere in the world. Kudos and congrats to Clearcube and FiveRivers and the teams for a job well done.

Visit the links to find out more :

List of winners:

Sentral press release:


6 thoughts on “Software App built in Pakistan wins Top award at VMWorld

  1. Too bad that the article doesn’t mention Five River Technologies anywhere; on the other hand, it’s not a Five River Technologies product either.

    I am impressed but your post title is misleading.

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