Pre-order your iPhone at MediaCenter


Earlier published a post about getting iPhones from Beliscity. Well, I just found a better (and a more solid warranty) deal thanks to Qurats comment on that post. Mediacenter, an Apple reseller is taking preorders for iPhones, their price is 50,000 PKR (still yikes but less than Beliscity’s 60,000 PKR) . If you want to order normally when its in stock, it will cost you between 38,000-49,000 PKR.

If you have a locked iPhone, they will unlock it with a guarantee of working properly for 5,000 PKR.

link to all this is here:

Now , given that iPhones price has dropped and is now almost $200 less, why is the price, through proper resellers still so sky high?!. You might want to settle for an iPod Touch (the iPhone lookalike iPod). Thats for a more affordable 21,000 PKR. See below for prices of the NEW IPOD lineup in Karachi:


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