Guess whose the latest Scrybe beta tester!


me!! thats who!! 😀 If Scrybe is ok with it, I’ll post my thoughts after Ive used the application for a bit. Initial views are….hmm quite nice. Now..will it actually be useful?!!

Scrybe is a much talked about start up in Islamabad funded by , among others, Adobe systems. Their claim to fame is a new age , web 2.0 , flash-based organizer application.


4 thoughts on “Guess whose the latest Scrybe beta tester!

  1. hey, I tried this site, seems theyre not accepting new members, unless a member sends a request of some sort? can i ask u for this favour? its just that i dont have much to do these days after work 🙂

  2. can I indulge u in another favour?

    I’ve been looking for sometime now for the perfect “organizer” for me this would be something like – but with two additional features:

    1) something that allows me to save interesting posts or articles (not just the feeds, but the whole pages)

    2) is syncronizable in offline mode

    Since im travelling alot, and most of the time without or with sucky internet, i can use the time to catch up on reading.

    Its jus that u seem like a smart and tech savvy person 🙂 even if youre not im sure your readers are !

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