Orkut getting run over by Facebook?


If it isnt official, it will be soon. The Pakistani online flock seems to be migrating en masse to Facebook from orkut. Scraps have become less, friends are being added less and the facebook invitations are growing. Social Apps, especially in reserved cultures like ours become very popular very fast as much needed outlets for, well, alot of things. Reminds me of the time when everyone slowly but surely moved away from ICQ to MSN. Major 2 reasons why the move from ICQ to MSN happened?

1. the contact list stayed on the local machine, which doesnt work for students at all.

2. Everyone else was moving ,so why dont I.

Microsoft has been so far able to so far thwart Google’s attempt to woo its users onto Google talk. Dont feel bad for ICQ. AOL bought them out for USD 200 million. Hows that for a bunch of kids working out of a small room in Tel Aviv. If you’re a college kid today you would not have heard of ICQ maybe, or even IRC, the key “social” networks of their day.

Orkut at one point had a majority of first Brazilians and then Pakistanis in its online population, I dont know how true that would be today. One thing Orkut does have going for it : its interface. Its cleaner, more user friendly than facebook’s. Now if someone at Facebook could take a walk down to the YUI (Yahoo user interface) group (heheh yeah right!), or look at gmail, or Apple’s UIs and ask for some tips on -HOW- to build a user friendly web app, facebook might actually become easier to use.

PS : Yes i know i skipped myspace.com. To compare social apps to the IM world, myspace would be the AOL of the bunch. And, they dont have as many regional users as Orkut or Facebook.


2 thoughts on “Orkut getting run over by Facebook?

  1. I moved over to Facebook more than a year ago and I liked it so much, that I practically stopped using orkut. But now, ever since facebook released its applications SDK. All the profiles have become cluttered with junk applications … it looks more and more like myspace .. which I totally despise. 😦

  2. quecksilver

    I like facebook far more than orkut. I am not a social networking person and i actually use this! I do agree with the apps cluttering the main profile page, however users have control on what they want ‘listed’ on their homepage.

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