Sirf (siraf)


I came across this several months ago then it just hit me again so I thought i’d do a post on it, this is one of the more comprehensive Urdu portals, and unlike some site, which use images of handwritten urdu on the web, this is the real thing.when you type, you get urdu, so if you dont have an arabic/urdu keyboard it might be a bit tough. phonetics are similar though, so “baat” is b, a and then t, etc. Kudos to the author(s). Now if they made this into a framework for a blog site wouldnt that be cool?

Go here to visit the site :

check it out, you might end up bookmarking it 🙂

PS the site was down for maintenance today, so it may not be up till later tonight…


9 thoughts on “Sirf (siraf)

  1. Saghir Irshad

    Hi everybody! hope all is fine with u, if u really fan of urdu it would be more intrested and u can find out many things wat u want!

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