Inbox ESG wraps up Nina Textiles project


Most people know Inbox for its desktops, those black boxes with the silver strip running down the side, its become sort of the brand identifier for them now. What most people dont know is that there is a smaller, focused group within the company known as the Enterprise Solutions Group, that does alot of tech consulting, (IBM hw/sw solutions, custom dev, Oracle ERP, BI,etc). This group (which I used to be a part of , just so that you know, proactive disclosure,blah blah) has been very active over the last year. Inbox interestingly now looks like a sort of a cross between Accenture and IBM.

Nina textiles is a mid sized textile firm, with customers such as Walmart and IKEA. Nina now is a major reference site for Inbox-developed+implemented solutions. Nina recently went live on Oracle financials, integrated with their inhouse developed ERP solution. Earlier, Inbox also implemented a BI solution, a data center,and desktops with centralized management capabilities. 

The true advantage of all this investment in tech to becomes apparent when all this comes together and you get “a single version” of the truth, live and updated on your BI dashboard on a realtime basis.

Now, we all talk about a one stop vendor which will handle all the customers needs, and provide a technology solution that solves the business problem, rather than just a bunch of products. Though in practice this is a very hard to do. Inbox seems to have taken off in the right direction though…


One thought on “Inbox ESG wraps up Nina Textiles project

  1. When I found out Inbox was going into Enterprise, I thouth they were trying to do too much – still not sure if they have the team to pull it off, but in the absence of any serious competition(one stop shop HP,IBM etc.) they might be able to pull it off.

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