UBL’s credit cards : Worst IT system AND Service Ever (aka dont get one)


(disclainer:This is not a pure IT post but its related,and it is affected by tons of frustration due to the rude+inefficient staff at the UBL call center )

To all my readers and friends : Do not get the UBL credit card. If they call you, slam the phone down, please. its for your own good, really. This is worse than Standard Chartered’s credit card. And thats bad. The IT systems suck anyway but the customer service is worse, so I dont even think the best IT system would be of any use.  Possibly the worst every insult to a customer is when a call center agent hangs up on you, point blank with no warning. Worst, this is when you are asking him to write your SECOND complaint down that the FIRST complaint was never followed up AND your card has been blocked WITHOUT reason or warning.  UBL’s Credit card system is messed up (link below) and over 4000 customers have been , without warning, cut off from their credit lines. Even worse, as per the article below, the bank’s highly paid execs have gone into hiding and have not come out to defend their bank or their brand. Sheer pittance. I am getting rid of this card and moving over to something else, anything (besides the chartered’s card) is probably better. Read below to see what the times reported:



2 thoughts on “UBL’s credit cards : Worst IT system AND Service Ever (aka dont get one)

  1. Be grateful you didn’t have to go through the initial spate of NBP Gold Credit Cards and the Diners Club card in the old days. I remember travelling with a couple of friends to the US armed very confidently with my new NBP Gold Card only to find that if you wanted to buy a disk drive, you had to carry out the transaction on 4 different days because despite the insistence of NBP that you had a balance available to you of around US$10,000, apparently it had to be used in very small chunks.

    As for the Diners Club credit card, their own payment history (about 6-7 years ago) was so bad that no vendor would accept the card. It was a liability having these two cards. I learnt to either carry cash or travellers cheques until I got myself a Hongkong Bank Gold card and an AMEX card both of which had few or no teething problems.

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