Skilled, ex-US workers looking for local careers…


Coming to your country! (including Pakistan). Thank you,Conservative Neocons and Republicans?! Yes, due to political fueds in the US Congress and the US Senate, the number of available H1Bs in the US was not increased beyong 60,000 this year. They were given out like the green card lottery and less than half of the applicants got one. This means that all the other workers who were not able to get one will have to move out of the US and go elsewhere. Some will go back to school, or settle in Britain, Canada, etc and some will no doubt return home.

To those Pakistanis on H1s returning home, welcome. We badly need people with atleast 2-4 years of work experience in a US firm to lead and develop the local HR. If you are this person , please give me a call, I will help you settle in any way I can. There is lots of opportunity here and just not enough skilled professionals.

America’s loss due to its short sighted government policy is other another country’s gain. Microsoft is opening up a new office in Canada, (  and National Instruments is moving some of its offices to India so that it doesnt lose its workers. (Did the US government really think that companies will just let  go of their workers and hire new resources instead?!). Democrats are coming in later this year I predict, and I think next year they may actually up the H1 limit, but lets see….


One thought on “Skilled, ex-US workers looking for local careers…

  1. Bilal

    🙂 I am the one…..
    But let me come back from the Canada in January next year….. I will definitely contact you…

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