More firms buy into blade computing…


SME Bank and Olympia Chemcials are the two latest customers for IBM’s Bladecenter servers. This also means that they automatically becomes IBM storage solution customers, since the Bladecenter doesnt work without one. (this is how you cross sell!) . Both organizations are considered to be medium sized businesses…which -hopefully- means that the IBM Bladecenter has also gotten alot more afforable. Last I remember an average installation used to run at just over a 100,000 USD. With these two new additions, the number of IT departments running Blades goes up to between 10-15 atleast I would say, which the majority running IBM Bladecenters. Some of the implemenatations I can remember off the top of my head are Hinopak, TCS, Union Bank, Picic, and Maersk. You can also read the last post I made on the local Blade computing scene here:


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