Well looookie here….


I found a quirk in epaper.dawn.com 🙂 I love this web application and use it often. As a technical person though, one thing i discovered about it irks me. IF I set my computer’s date back say 3 days, it will only show me the dawn edition upto that day. So, if the days the 9th of June in Pakistan and I am in the US and its 12 hours behind, I possibly wont get the latest version of Dawn on the website, but a day old (since Dawn follows Pakistan time). OR simply, if my computer date is set to the 5th, and its really the 6th, I am only going to get the paper upto the 5th. Now this might make sense to the average user, but web applications are supposed to use the SERVER’s time clock. not the clients!!!!

Dawn, pls verify this if you could, and fix it!!!! 🙂

other than this, epaper rocks!


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