Orion takes off from launchpad….


UBL’s Orion product, a mobile payment solution launched its public beta a few days ago. The service, which seems like an innovatice cross between A cellphone, Paypal and Western Union allows you to use your mobile phone just like a credit card or cash for that matter. Click on more for details…

As a user, I can top off my phone through any account and then sms payments out to people. So I  could sms my payment to a friend for lunch, or just pay an online shop through my phone, thereby killing the whole credit card debate… Its very innovative, and something you dont find in most countries, Im pretty exicted that we have it here now! Ofcourse you do pay UBL a fee when you buy or sell, but then again, so does Western Union.

Techlogix implemented the project for UBL, and I think they are probably the only vendor now locally with such expertise. If this takes off, every Bank will be clamouring for a mobile wallet product of their own… The one thing I still have a question mark on is security..but i’ll see how that plays out once I become a user (which is happening soon) 🙂

Great job UBL, Technlogix, everyone involved, Keep the innovations coming!

Click below to go to Orion:



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