Finally? real broadband? really really?


Thanks to a tip from a friend (thanks Altamash!) I logged on to the PTCL website to check out their DSL packages..and click the “more link” to see what left my jaws open

DSL-1Mbps Unlimited
Rs document.write(LookUp(dc_fee_dsl,”283″)); 4999/month

Yup, thats 1 MegaBIT a second. 4 times faster than the good dsl you get from maxcom/cyber,etc. And its affordable, ie 5000 a month. Heck right now I pay 1800 for a quarter of that. And whats the catch? Its only in ISB and Pindi for the time being.

Could this be the end of all ISPs? and will this lead to a monopolistic single ISP dominating the landscape? (think Etisalat) while we surf in bliss??

Full link here:


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