Thanks to Wapda/KESC a new PC now costs as much as a laptop…


that is, if you want to keep that new PC in working condition. Due to Wapda/KESC ‘s incompetence and the overall morbid electricity situation in the country, you now need a UPS and a decent stabilizer along with your super new home PC, to keep it from blowing up due to the infinite flutuations and supply issues. That brings the bill more or less upto about 35,000 rupees for a new machine without the 15% GST that you are supposed to be paying. Basic laptop prices have now fallen to as low as 40,000 rupees for a new machine. If you are not going to use your home pc to take over the world, then I would strongly suggest that you buy a laptop instead of a PC. Besides the fact thats its almost the same price really, you atleast get to save your new machine from tons of fluctuations, power breakdowns and best of all, when the electricity does go (and will go) you can snuggle up with your new laptop and watch videos! 😉


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