interesting startup out of LUMS


Created by lums MBAs (who are also BCS graduates of FAST) Kraysis is an interesting new idea to spring out in Lahore. Reliable and strict QA (quality assurance) is a problem for software companies worldwide.

In more developed markets, small to medium sized firms do a roaring business outsourcing experienced QA resources to SMB software companies, for whom it is impossible due to cost or market conditions to maintain a long term QA team in house. Think of it like a lawyer firm of sorts. You wouldnt hire a lawyer but you would rent his/her services out for 4 months if you needed to, wont you?

Kraysis is attempting to bring this idea into Pakistan with some very promising initial feedback/results. They haved worked with Rozee (ie Naseeb networks) as well, and do some outsourced work out of England.

Its a great business plan but a very hard one to implement. QA resources in this industry as common as Ferraris on Karachi roads. (ie not very common) . I wish the guys best of luck in implementing the idea, this can really go very far.

Visit their website: (its actually nice!)


3 thoughts on “ interesting startup out of LUMS

  1. At, we have had a very good experience in working with them and I would like to say that because of Kraysis we were able to identify a number of functionality and usability issues within our website. It was quite fruitful mutual experience for both sides.

    Anser H Siddiqui

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