KASB Bank gets Misys rolling…


According to a Misys press release, KASB Bank has started brining the Misys core banking solution online at the branch level. KASB is the second major customer for Misys in Pakistan , the other one being Habib Bank. Misys implementations almost always have IBM on the hardware and sometimes services end due to the strong Misys/IBM partnership and KASB and Habib are no exception.Both have and will support strong IBM installbases to run the Misys solution. Its generally a good idea to do what KASB did..ie install a tried-and-successful core banking solution early on in their life (the bank has 35 branches).

Misys provides enterprise level banking and hospital solutions around the world. They are pretty popular in the middle east and have a good installbase in the region. Misys competes with Temenos and Sungard (ie Symbols), the other foreign core banking vendors active in Pakistan. Autosoft dynamics (a local core banking vendor) have implemented their solution at Emirates global Islamic bank from what i hear.

The core banking market is heating up with more banks looking towards all out automation. MCB is in the process of implementing Symbols (Sungard/System Access), and expect an annoucement from Temenos soon as well.

The Misys press release:



One thought on “KASB Bank gets Misys rolling…

  1. Hmm..this is sort of interesting because in late 2005, the last time I was in contact with Habib IT department as an ISV, Mysis was a huge crisis. But maybe it was because of certain other factors like the Adamjee Takeover and all, but the IT department was very skeptic then. I wonder whether they can claim something similar to what KASB is doing acc. to your blog.

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