Lahore Expo center selects Cisco…


Just heard today, the still-under-construction Lahore expo center (something like Karachi expo center) has selected Cisco as its network hardware of choice. This is a large project , and will be implemented by Arwen technologies. Arwen tech is one of cisco’s premier partners in the country and mostly does turnkey networking projects. So i assume in this case they will lay the cables and the core routers, switches,etc will come from cisco. Usually a site such as this, with so many points (network ports) with cisco stuff runs into a few hundred thousand dollars….I wonder how much discount cisco gave 🙂

So this also begs the question..whats Juniper? Cisco’s latest nemises upto in Pakistan… from what i hear they are getting more partners and training new resources…and give Cisco a tough fight in routers and security products. Routers btw are Juniper’s speciality…but no one really beats Cisco in switches, especially now that they also own Linksys.


2 thoughts on “Lahore Expo center selects Cisco…

  1. can you do a writeup about US/Western companies coming down to Pakistan, hiring local grads/experience, and relocating them to US on H1?

    Ive been hearing this is happening, and at good salaries, like $60K+ per annum.

  2. Red Planet

    Why not consider NORTEL, globally nortel won alot of deal against cisco and prices are lower than juniper and cisco. I think pakistan has great networks potential but alot of budget constraint issues at client side. IT Managers,CIO and Heads are thinking about an alternate Networking solutions products and technology, and nortel and juniper can give this kind of solutions what cisco is offering. Red-Planet, Networks Analyst, Market Research, UK

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