TCS latest company to embrace Blade technology


and we’re back..after one week or so… when you’re blogging on the side, life takes priority in general…anyway ton of updates coming your way this week..starting with this:

TCS has finally upgraded its backend systems in the Data center. You might remember i covered a story a few months back where TCS had selected symbol PDAs to give to their field staff (aka riders) to dynamically update their backend ERP Software, for package tracking,etc. Im assuming this is a continuation of that project. The DC is being setup in their new facility near the airport, and they have gone for the IBM Bladecenter. Good choice I would say, nowadays though, the only real choice if you are buying blades in Pakistan. Again, when it comes to blades, dont go for HP. Go for IBM. An IBM blade is like an IBM T series ThinkPad. Once you’ve used it you cant go back and you shouldnt.

Anyway, since TCS did buy an IBM blade center, the SAN comes by default which means they actually will now have centralized storage for their huge database. I wonder when they will start warehousing and analyzing all this data, Im sure NCR is waiting in line to pitch them a teradata solution 😉

TCS though by and large is way ahead of its local competitors when it comes to technology. You need alot of bold management, like I always say, to implement such difficult projects, but then the reward is great. TCS now has an ability similar to Fedex, UPS,etc that neither OCS nor leopard can boast about, and that enables TCS to charge higher and give better service. The others may be cheaper but I’d rather know my package was delivered on time rather than save 10 rupees, if you get my drift.


4 thoughts on “TCS latest company to embrace Blade technology

  1. Ali

    hmmm, not exactly related to this blog but having been a die-hard T-series user for eons I’m double minded about what to do now, I need to upgrade my T42, and dont know if I trust the Lenovo T series machines….? comments?

  2. Well, i just checked out T60 (aka lenovo t series) and i am going to go ahead and buy it. i used to have a t40, before i got my inbox laptop (which was excellent too btw and just at 55k btu anyway).

    the t was and still is the king of laptops. i am going to upgrade in 2 days to my new t60. if u want to wait a few weeks till i check mine out, i can let u know what the deal is. but i’d still trust ibm enough that they wont screw up their t-series brand so I would say, go for it. the one i checked out really was spanking nice..
    talk to saleem at clifton computers or Shafiq GIll at Roma computers. they can offer the t-60 around 90-95 PKR unless u have a place to get it anyway. direct from US would be cheapest.

  3. Ali

    salim/aziz at clifton computers know im always good to move the T series so they let me know whenever a good deal comes along. I always buy from them, and have personally never used anything but the T series. They had a great deal come in a week or two ago, ask them if you’re buying from someone else, it was around 25% of US price. The only reason why I didnt go for it was I wanted to find out more about how the T is doing under Lenevo and im thinking I might wait for Vista preloaded laptops…. I can survive with my T42 for a while longer.

  4. 25% off the US price you mean…not “15% of us price” ??
    i just got a nice t60 for 85k will let u kno whow it works out if u want..but i would suggest if u can, stick with the t42 another 3-6 months. i m actually swapping out my old laptop and going back to the T…

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