This is an ERP??


I need to ask IT departments to get one thing straight. Hiring 4 developers and then building 3 applications and calling them an “ERP” is not cool. I mean, please. The application(s) you have built that caters to a department and automates them is NOT an ERP application. At best, it is a business process application. I am tired of people introducing me to their applications by calling them “our internally developed ERP”. It might be a cool application, I have seen some VERY good work done on internal apps by IT deparments. But please, they are not ERPs. They are disparate applications working on singular business processes, they do not give you a one page view into your company (unless they are tightly integrated). You want an ERP? go for SAP, Oracle, and the like. You want an application that ones just one thing well and specializes in it, go build your own.

“ERP” has become quite the buzzword in out market. Simply because we are waking up to the concept of an automated company about 8 years after most of the world, but oh well, better late than never and atleast its before WTO kicks our collective a** .

And for the software companies who are still thinking of developing and ERP system today. Its done, the boat has sailed. Please do something else. If you want to give ERP services, learn how to deploy Oracle, SAP, SAP Business One, GP, OhioEdge, netsuite, whatever. Learn Business Intelligence, supply chain, Biztalk integration, SOA, mobile applications development instead. Build into a niche that hasnt yet been fully explored.

Please please dont make your own ERP in this world, we have enough re-invented wheels already and whatever you make will not compare to the Oracles and SAPs of the world.


9 thoughts on “This is an ERP??

  1. MBQ

    i think it was an honest opinion. and criticism ofcourse, which is never well taken, mainly because its up to the reader to take it constructively or destructively. quite an outburst though, i wonder what triggered it haha 😉

  2. Imran Ali Rashid

    The comment is actually pretty valid. People implement 5-10% of what an ERP could do and that too as a specific implemenation for a particular company and then market it as an ERP,

    That said, I doubt coffee or general frustation were the only factors 😛

  3. i use the acronym once in my CV .. 11 modules – sales, accounts, underwriting, CRM, call centre, etc – all working in tandem. is it still a ‘business process application’

  4. do they use one database and can you connect a BI engine to them and run live reports/dashboarding,etc?
    basically, what i mean really is, if your sales makes a sale of an inventory item, does inventory reflect that sale, and does it get updated in accounts (is that accounts or a proper financials module?) ie in AP,etc ? then , yes, probbaly. look into if you realllyyy want to get into it 😉

  5. yes to all your questions in #7 – we were not running BI but working towards it when the axe came (BTW, for readers, this is in reference to Pakistans first web-based insurance ERP)

    in fact, to add to that – suddenly the market gets flooded with parts of imports like Vitz. Parts become cheaper – claims department goes and reflects that into the database. Because now its cheaper to repair Vitz, the next time you call to get insurance quote for Vitz, the rates quoted by sales department using online system will be lower than they were, reflecting lower cost of parts.

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