Maxcom still going strong…


Just an update. Ive had Maxcom DSL now for I think 6 months or so. Its gone down, maybe once, for a few minutes. Kudos to them for good service and giving proper advertised bandwidth (well they are more honest than most, them and cybernet.)

Since ive switched from crummy loser Worldcall cable i havent looked back. If you are a worldcall cable customer in pain and paying too much for crappy service, dump them and switch. I’d suggest Maxcom or Cybernet DSL. You may pay a bit more, worldcall has also become cheaper recently (because their sales are down, duh) but I think its better to pay a bit more and get decent internet service which in itself is a valuable commodity in Pakistan.


7 thoughts on “Maxcom still going strong…

  1. Imran Ali Rashid

    An update on worldcall – while their shared packages are still bad (I’ve yet to have a good week), their dedicated package is pretty good. We’ve got a 256k dedicated link and it performs pretty well and is stable (only been down twice, for short periods, in the last few months).

  2. Mohammad Tahauddin Ahmadq

    I am also a customer of MaxCom. I have the Rs. 3K package. 256 Kbps unlimited. I have been using this for over a month now and the lowest speed that i recorded was 17 KB/sec. usually its above 20K/sec.

    the sales person clearly stated that the speed will hover around 14 – 25 KB/sec. so far they are exceeding my expectations πŸ™‚

    if only they had a 512 Kbps unlimited package. i would be willing to pay for that; if it would be under Rs. 6500

  3. Rash

    Glad to hear how is working out for you.
    It is not available in my area.
    Right now I have a business and am using Cybernet 256K connection and paying 10,000 rupees per month for a corporate package. is 7500 rupees for the same thing but they are not in our area 😦
    So besides and Cybernet who do you suggest for DSL service?
    Is Gerrys good?
    They have the lowest price but they want 3 months payment ahead of time.
    You got a great website very informational.

  4. Hey,

    As far as I know, gerrys works ok but I havent personally tried them out. As for cybernet and maxcomm, i’d stick with either of them. People at cyber and maxcomm keep telling me that the other is tough competition, so thats good for the consumer! If cybernet does not go down and you use the net 2-3 hours a day and for downloading, i suggest you stick to cybernet until maxcom comes in your area. cybernet also has a residential package which is much cheaper than the corporate package..ask them about that!

  5. Rasheed

    Yes i have heard Gerrys is OK (not great not terrible but OK) from guys who are using their line for a call center business.
    Unfortunately the residential packages for CyberExtreme have a download limit (i think 4GB) and our office we are downloading 24/7 πŸ™‚ so we need the ‘unlimited’ download option that only their Corporate Plan has 😦

    With CyberNet it is possible to bargain with them and they will lower their “asking price” is the same true of Max.Com.Pk?
    With Gerrys bargaining is also an option. We were able to lower their asking price about 20% and reduce the ‘upfront’ payment from 6 months to 3 months.

  6. Terrence

    I’ve got both worldcall 128k and Maxcom DSL 128k.
    Since my bandwidth needs aren’t too high at any given time, i prefer to have a backup if one or the other goes down. I got the DSL connection after being with Worldcall for a year, and quite disappointed with the quality, customer service, etc. Now it’s getting a little better, possibly due to people leaving for better providers, but i could count on the cable not working for at least 12 out of every 24 hours. Once when the cable went out, it took me 2 weeks of several calls each day, and finally a visit to the manager, before someone came to fix it. Maxcom, on the other hand, has gone down only twice this year. they come usually within a couple hours of a complaint, and they do a better job of fixing the phone lines to run DSL than the authorized workers PTCL sends over. No complaints for them, and I recommend them to anyone looking for a provider.

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