Microsoft Launching Vista in Pakistan


On Monday Feb 12th Microsoft will be launching the much awaited Windows Vista in Pakistan. Enterprise customers have had access to vista for a few months now, but now it will be available to the (paying and legal) public of Pakistan. Im quite sure its already hit the pirated market. Its also amazing that this year alot fewer people I know have looked to pirated CDs. Things are getting better on that front and companies are paying their licensing dues. Kudos to them. Windows vista will be ALOT more difficult to use if you have used a pirated CD, so put in the cash and get the proper version, save yourself some pain. If you’re a student, go and try to get the academic versions of software, they are heavily discounted. Or tell Microsoft you’re switching to linux that might do the trick and you might get a free windows cd šŸ˜‰

to register for the event, go here:

On its coat tails MS Office and MS Exchange 2007 are launching as well. This willobviously a product launch so expect alot of marketing shpeel…Vista has stirred the IT world all over the globe and if you google “windows vista” you will find more than enough material on whats going on with it, all the hype and technical babel included.

I go the RC2 version of Vista from Microsoft awhile back (Thank you Zafar!) and ive been running it every since on my test PC at work. Its great, and its got some very cool features, and the search is actually very good. It reminds of what MS did with netscape came out (it embedded IE into its OS). But i wouldnt switch personally. not just yet. give it 6 months. I like the gloss of the new UI but i need a functional running hassle free pc to do my daily work. I get that with XP. Will i get that with vista? I’ll let my friends find out and tell me šŸ˜‰


One thought on “Microsoft Launching Vista in Pakistan

  1. I have been testing Vista for last few weeks and yeah it has some good and bad points…

    The Good: It does improve some features within Windows XP,
    Fewer system crashes than Windows XP and offers better built in support options.

    The Bad: Does not put search on the desktop (it’s buried within applications, within the Start Menu), Optimized only for the Microsoft Windows ecosystem (for example, RSS feeds from Internet Explorer 7 get preferential treatment).

    There’s simply too much and not all of it is implemented properly.

    Bottom-line is Windows Vista is essentially warmed-over Windows XP. If you’re currently happy with Windows XP SP2, we see no compelling reason to upgrade. On the other hand, if you need a new computer right now, Windows Vista is stable enough for everyday use.

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