Sheikh Zayed medical complex gets in line for automation


Sheikh Zayed is a large semi government hospital in Lahore, the closest thing one can compare to Agha Khan hospital in the Punjab. Then I guess its no wonder that recently when the E-government directorate sent out a tender asking for a Hospital Information Management solutions (HMIS) nearly 25 plus vendors (HMIS specific or not) -including- Agha Khan, (surprising since it normally keeps its IT solution strictly as an internal system) responded to the tender. The winner is yet to be decided in this lucrative and credential building project. After all, if you are a hospital IT solutions vendor ,you want the bragging rights of automating one of the largest hospitals in the country. This, along with civil hospital in Karachi could be the biggest two Hospital IT system implementations this year.

With so many hospitals (Army CMH, Civil, Abbasi, and now Sh. Zayed) option to automate this year, the HMIS market is exploding and with no real barriers to entry, every other small software house wants part of the pie. It is upto the Hospitals to do their homework and ask for the right credentials and right requirements when it comes to their software requirements. This is usually done through an independent consultancy firm that has -no- affiliation to software houses. (chee, we wont find that in this country now will we… ) . All these projects will drag on for atleast a year or two and what will probably happen is that once the dust settles we will be left with 2-3 strong local vendors and maybe 2 foreign solutions (implemented through local vendors) emerging in this market, which have a track record of actually implementing and successfully running these HMIS solutions. As always with ERPs its not the software that will determine success as much as the project and people management skills of the vendors implementation teams. Good luck to them.


2 thoughts on “Sheikh Zayed medical complex gets in line for automation

  1. Funny. I first heard of the project back in 2005 through e-govt directorate. It was supposed to be completed in 2007. Then today researching the subject I came across your post suggesting it starting in early 2007. Well it seems it did not. Visiting e-govt site I discover once again that the project had once again been “re-tendered” and the new tender opening date was 21 January 2008 (finalists are the usual culprits: NetSol, CureMD, Oratier Technolgies, Prislogix, Kalsoft and MIT Kalsoft). With so much trouble getting it started I doubt it will ever be finished. Interesting thing to note is that only one company among the finalists has an HMIS. Others don’t have any experience in the medical field (e.g. Ortier publishes law books)…

    • Jee Haun

      I checked out Sheikh Zayed Hospital Automatin Project and found Oratier has won the contract. Oratier Technologies does not publishes law books but has the biggest HMIS and ERP and has automated Omar Hospital 100 beds and largest private hospital in Lahore.
      It has also automated Lahore General Hospital 1000 beds.

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