New pictures of the Sirius Prototype V0.3


 Ive been tracking the progress of this one interesting, locally developed device for some time now and in what seems to be something close to spy pictures, Ive recieved some very cool photos of the new version of the Sirius. This to my knowledge is the only local PDA to be built so far. The application potential for it is staggering, from courier to inventory tracking to rural education.  Not only does it support urdu, it has its own embedded, custom developed OS known as the AlephOS.

This new version has a flip, provision for over 2GB of storage and a much nicer keyboard. Using local parts, this versions also optimized to be built at very low cost in low quantities, thus giving companies a real alternative to the 60,000 rupee plus imported PDA (think tcs, unilever,etc who have shelled out over 70k each for hundreds of PDAs like dolphin and symbol models)

Pictures below:

sirius 2  Sirius v0.3 Prototype pictures....

Full information here:

If you are interested in providing your feedback, promoting or helping develop the Sirius further, please send an email to


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