Motorola selects Techlogix over Tata and Infosys for BPM Project


In what is an amazing win for Techlogix, the company was recently selected over Infosys (yes THE Infosys) and Tata consulting services (TCS) for a major project for Motorola US.

Techlogix will be working with Motorola on BPM practices and implementations at Motorola’s global Center of Excellence in Business Process Management (BPM). Techlogix competed head on against giant Indian IT firms and US based IT consulting firms to win the project. No word on the dollars involved but I hear its big.

This also affirms that the areas Techlogix works in, they are the best at. Its not a small thing to beat mighty Infosys in a head on assessment by a Fortune 500 company. My congrats to them and the individuals+teams that made it happen. For the last 10 years Techlogix has, quietly, been working at building their technical skills and making their mark.

I also take this as a mental win for us as an industry as well. We look to the east and see a vibrant multibillion dollar IT industry, its one to learn from but its depressing when you see your own state. I sometimes wonder if we’ve missed the boat, since it certainly looks that way. And I wonder where we went wrong, since, essentially, we are the same people. But its times like these when its apparent that they arent that strong, and we arent that weak…. events like these might start opening the floodgates, one hopes…


6 thoughts on “Motorola selects Techlogix over Tata and Infosys for BPM Project

  1. Kashif

    Its a great news for Techlogix and for Pakistan. I would like to hear more news about those firms who prefer Pakistan over India.

  2. we have to stop looking at this from India vs Pakistan. The current differential with them is too great for us to even compare the 2 in front of clients. we have to compare the expertise of individual firms. In this techlogix is a small niche player in this area whereas Indian firms are large software factories – thats sort of the comparison that would work better w/ client rather than flag comparison.

  3. Kashif

    Well I think comparision is really helpful to see if one is on the right track or not. Look at the example of our next door neighbour they has prodcued the world class IT companies and why hasn’t the Pakistani software industry been able to produce a single world-class software firm (e.g. Wipro, Infosys or TCS of India).

    I am very optimistic we can also produce the pakistani Infosys or more international players look towards pakistani IT industry.

    MUST do things: for pakistani policy makers

    Infrastructure, Investment, Quality of Programmers, Managers, entrepreneur, consistent and uniform IT policy and offcourse the pakistani image problem.

  4. we’ve probably missed the big boat. however, there are 100s of niche areas where companies can compete with smaller staff (10-100 ppl) and revenue sizes of 5-100 Million $.

  5. Mahvesh

    Hi Moht!
    I am your ever-haunting Citibank fellow internee, and these days based in the University of Cambridge, UK conducting research on Software Industry of Pakistan and came across this info which now I am quoting in my thesis. So thanks…and keep me posted on how life’s treating you? Still watching Star Trek or grown out of it?
    I am into astronomy full time…my life long dream If you recall…add me on facebook if you’re there. Search for Mahvesh M TJ.
    See ya,

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