MCB selects CA tools for their ESM requirements


MCB Bank recently selected Computer Associates Software (CA Unicenter,etc) for their enterprise systems management and monitoring needs. There was stiff competition from IBM with their Tivoli suite of products but reports are that CA was priced much lower (as is the case usually between CA and Tivoli globally) than the Tivoli Solution.

CA licenses usually though are billed yearly while Tivoli licenses can be one time with some maintenance.

CA has recently come into Pakistan (been about 1.5 years) and has had some wins, with companies such as Warid and MCB. Tivoli, for its part is deployed at UBL (an Si3 project) , Telenor (Done by LMKR) , Maersk Sealand, Standard Chartered Bank, and several other accounts where TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) is prevalent.

Both have their own pros and cons, Tivoli though is still largely regarded as the global leader for Enterprise systems management, and what is loses in glitz and GUI , it makes up for in feature and fuctionality depth.


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