I’m sorry….


I have to apologize before I post this, especially to whoever writes Si3’s press releases. I tried not to crack up in sarcasm..I did try not to post this… but I just had to. This, dear readers, is the absolute fanciest, most graceful way ever derived by anyone to say

“yeah, we sold these guys some servers, and IBM switched them on.” 🙂

You can read the press release below to see what I mean….


PS this is all in good fun, they did a great job on the project at MCB, from what I hear. I mean, delivering the machines, fighting TCS and all that… 😉


3 thoughts on “I’m sorry….

  1. Mohtashim

    hahah lol thank you 🙂

    On a more serious note (yes Im off my mischief now…), this is a core strength of Si3 ie the best presentation skills i have seen in any IT company to date, even better than Techlogix’s , it really sweeps customers off their feet literally. Its an essential component that many IT firms here lack.

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