UBL buys HP Mercury Suite of tools


UBL Bank recently purchased the Mercury suite of tools for its software development practice. Mercury, a fairly expensive set of tools is used to design and test/QA software applications, and is similar to the IBM Rational Suite of Products. LMKR is rumoured to have closed the deal.


HP last month acquired Mercury in a bid to better compete with IBM. IBM acquired Rational years ago and has since very well integrated that into its offerings. For HP, the Mercury purchase is playing catchup and trying to build an enterprise software and services business with aspirations of becoming today’s IBM.



2 thoughts on “UBL buys HP Mercury Suite of tools

  1. wasn’t LMKR a huge IBM partner until like few months ago? weren’t they even using IBM facilities for some of their implementations? why the parting to mercury, a much inferior product particularly in the area of portfolio and project management, an area for which the product is bought for?

  2. yes the marketing/hype of lmkr revolves around them being an IBM partner, and until 8 months back they used to sit in a room on the 9th floor of ibm ‘s offices in karachi. now they have moved out to their own offices. But lmkr hs also been a mercury AND an oracle partner for almost as long as they have been an IBM partner…interesting eh.

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