My Beliscity experience…


Yes! I finally ordered from , so for all of you who have wondered what its like ordering online from a pakistan e-shop in Karachi, heres my 2 cents:

1. great service..they actually didnt have what i ordered in stock (which the website should have warned me about…so thats one minus but still) but they were able to find me a replacement model. But this means inventory and the website is disconnected. So, if you order something, you wont actually know if its in stock until after you place the order. Good thing there is nothing to pay upfront! (C.O.D model going here)

2. it showed up the day after i ordered it (the item) and they called me and came over, even though it was after office hours and brought along the credit card machine. (cash/credit on delivery). but yes, they charged me the dreaded extra 2.5% for the credit card fee..hmmm

3. since it wasnt what i ordered/wanted, i told them i’ll only buy the item if i liked it, they were ok with that. since the whole thing was a bit desi, i even asked for a discount …and got one! (so ask for one! lol)

overall, great first experience, i will reorder from them again!


12 thoughts on “My Beliscity experience…

  1. Unknown

    Beliscity is simple a display of products website they manually update time to time there is no link of product with their inventory system which they dont have and none of the products they have in their office, at the time of client order they send there person to buy the customer item from market and deliver it to client by taking their comission on it.

    This show was solo now they are 2-3 people only.

  2. Assalamo Alaikum

    Hi every body

    I like to share my views regarding the Concept of E-Commerce and Online Businesses with particular emphasis on as it is the poineer E- commerce Shopping Web site of Pakistan. They have been doing their online business since 1997-98. I have been a regular visitor and anaylser of E-commerce businesses. I have a passion of learning about E-businesses and adding new creativities in to it. I have been working as a consultant, Marketer and business developer and advisor for a number of companies. Most people in Pakistan still perceiving Online business in offline perpective. Online business is Online!

    According to my observation is currently most successfully leading online shopping mall in Pakistan. They are offering the customers with a quick, easy and reliable way of buying the products they want, at the most competitive prices with direct delivery to their door.

    They offer a huge range of products from the world’s leading brands to thousands of online customers across the country.Plus FREE delivery system ANYWHERE IN

    They are always in a continuous process of adding New brands and products; expanding their online collections so that people can find and discover anything they want to buy online.

    The unique form of online shop is that it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

    May be some of their customers ask them for a particular product that is not in stock, I think beliscity have More than 5000 products with around 323 brands at their web site which is continously increasing day by day. How can it is possible for any company to maintain the same physical stocks at their shelfes. The concept of E-commerce is than vanished. Yes they have in stock some of the latest and runnning products. Most probably they have a chain of suppliers locally and internationally as their partners from which they buy for their customers on order.If they are required to maintain all in stock of thousands of products ; their is no use of running an online business; rather they can manage a huge physical super store. The concept of E-commerce is E-comerce. Sales and IT staff at beliscity are enough educated to recomend customers for other alternatives if the desired model is not available. Some times buyers are not aware of the fact that their desired models are now obsolete which will obviosly unavailable in new.

    The good thing is that they continuously update new products added and removed , prices changes in market.

    They are in a continuous process of adding new stuff at their web site. Prices will obviously change regularly as market prices too changes. Their prices are infact better than the normal market prices. When you buy from beliscity, they offer you multiple payment options; You can pay direct cash, cheque to them or deposit your payment in their provided online accounts. You can also pay via credit card machine which their delivery person has on delivery. Beliscity do not charge 2.5% on payment through credit cards; infact those are bank charges for paying via credit card. If you want to save that 2.5% you can pay them direct cash, cheque or deposit in their provided online accounts.

    The online web site has to be updated manually using web based systems. There is no Automatic super man which will update your web site. If any of you knows, please refer me a service or computer program that automatically updates online shopping web sites according to latest market.

    Inventory is there but it simply impossible to posses the inventory for thousands of products. For online businesses office is office not a display center. There Display center is online. That is how e-commerce differentiates from traditional businesses.

    They are official partners of major brands and they use to buy from local vendors and export from other countries as per the customer’s requirements.

    Recently they have opened their new showroom and customer care center at Karachi, Clifton.
    Shop # 46 / 55, First Floor,
    Sasi Arcade, Main Clifton road,
    Karachi – 75500,

    +92 (21) 583-1639,
    +92 (21) 583-1329

    Where customers see, chose and shop. They have maintained an excellent stock of items in their display which you will find better in terms of prices and services than others.
    Its really worth seeing.

    They have their main head office near tower. The exact address is
    JT 7/16-17,
    Fatima Manzil, Kagzi Bazar,
    Karachi- 74000, PAKISTAN

    +92 (21) 2443195
    +92 (21) 2438701
    +92 (21) 2471197
    +92 (21) 2471527
    +92 (21) 2471482

    It means now you can shop online via ordering from their web site, or you can order via phone plus you can shop physically from their clifton display center. They are now in the market online as well as offline.

    This is a misconception that they are 2-3 people. I have personally visited their both offices. They have dedicated departments and teams in the following areas.

    • Marketing Department
    • Sales Department
    • IT Department
    • Delivery Department
    • Accounts Department
    • Stock department
    • Warranty Department
    • Customer Care
    • Research and Development

    They have qualified and dedicated staff for each department.

    Recently I have seen beliscity’s promo at Play TV looking that they are initiating some unique type of program on Play TV. It looks like a bidding show where Viewers can participate in bidding of their products via sending their bids via mobile messaging. You have not seen yet any E-commerce company on television media. That’s great! It shows that some creative talents working around the scence.PLAY is a music and lifestyle channel geared towards the youth of today. Their programs are relevant to the interests of today’s youth, who make up more than half the nation’s population. I suggest you people to don’t miss that thrilling program on Play TV.

    take care
    Allah Hafiz

  3. Unknown

    Amazing, I didn’t know is such a huge company! No wonder they have two offices and so many phone lines!

  4. Mohtashim

    I will be erasing these comments soon if people keep posting without their names/contacts. i dont mind posts that even have blatant marketing (because we do, after all , live in Pakistan)
    and can people from beliscity who are posting here please identify themselves.

  5. Yasir

    Yeah, the post by Mr Sami seems to be a delibrate marketer as he knows all details even about all depts and the phone lines(don’t mind pls).
    However, just thinking if they are accepting debit card payments?

  6. Faheem

    no body is picking up the phone on beliscity, i think they ran away, i tried all their numbers but no response … i have a problem with my cell phone, when i purchased my cell from there, they told me if u get any problem , fell free to call us

  7. First off, thanks for sharing the experience and special thanks for the discount thing 😉 lolzz ..

    @Sami, I believe you haven’t chosen the right place to convey your message. You should have rather asked the blog owner to arrange a guest post for you .. anyways I didn’t bother reading what you said 😛

    Finally, good to see e-commerce finally finding its place in such wicked market as ours…

  8. Sohail

    tried them all !! .. and have to say that they all honest and do deliver on time . The best are belicity,shophive and home shopping ! ..

    Belicity because the are the oldest
    Shophive because they from Lahore 😉
    Home Shopping cause they give great price,quality and service .

    Good luck to you all and makes me proud to be a pakistani

  9. Salman

    I have been also victim of fraud and scam. I Purchased Blackberry Bold from and paid in advance by bank transfer. However the blackberry supplied to me was a used mobile whose Blackberry Services were already blocked in Pakistan by all operators

    Althought the calls making and receiving had no problem but when I tried to activate the blackberry services through Mobilink I was surprised to know that this Blackberry mobile is blocked by all operators for internet services in Pakistan.

    I contacted for replacement but their sales incharges Mr. Wahab refused to replace the faulty mobile. He also informed me that we have different suppliers and we dont take any responsibility once item is sold.

    I strongly recommend not to use for any purchase because their sales staff keep on changing and sales people run their private businesses and supply grey products under umbrella. Moreover these people have no business ethics and no concept of after sales service. There are also already many cases reported in which buyers get refurbished items instead of new.

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