More move out of Si3?


There are unconfirmed reports that Furqan Qureshi, one of the senior most employees at Si3 has moved to Wateen. Furqan is a highly respected and successful IT professional in the local industry and was the top sales person for Si3. I also hear he moved to the World Bank from some sources, but Wateen sounds like the more plausible explanation. What is for sure though is that he left Si3 recently.

Si3 has been seeing alot of flux lately in their upper ranks for the last few months now, something that does raise some questions from the rest of the industry. It is also known to have a high burn rate and heavy monthly expenses. Besides the large Dawn web portal project they got recently (I hear its been a 2 year sales cycle), they are now selling alot of hardware (without being part of an end to end solution) across the board, a more development that started 7-8 months ago. All in all, Si3 is known to have some of the best human resources in the industry working for it, and it has some very prestigious projects and several sales work is being done in the pipeline. But the company seems to be in flux for sure at this point.


11 thoughts on “More move out of Si3?

  1. good to see you are more actively updating this space. though not an active comment-leaver, i do depend on you to keep me posted on the naee-tazee.

    if writing long opinions is what keeps your from writing more frequently, then why not post small snippets (such as one on MS new country manager) during the week and longer insightful ones on weekends?

  2. You know despite what you hear. Until and unless FQ has not decided to tell everyone officially – such information should NOT be posted on the web. Sorry – this is just not fair with respect to privacy.

  3. Mohtashim

    i DO have a problem with people posting on this blog and NOT leaving their true identity to back up their comments. I do it all the time on my blog. I stand by my statements…so if someone (erprecruiter) will make such strong statements and not give us your real name, email,etc I will be forced to delete or mark these
    comments as spam. this goes for any post on my blog.
    I’ll wait till tomorrow, if the results dont change, I will remove these comments.

    thank you.

  4. hmmm, i have mixed feelings about this. At times one would want to stay anonymous with information thats right on the border of public and private. if these have actually left, but si3 is not publicly announcing it, then the person posting may be better off living anonymously. perhaps the person can contact and send you actual proof by email to back their claim?

  5. Abdullah

    Mohtashim, just so you know that erprecruiters claims were spot on…. I was at Si3 for about 4 months and all those people, he mentioned, have infact left the company.

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