Pakistan Army looks to automate its hospitals’ care


Paksitan has gone HMIS (hospital management system) crazy… The Pakistan army recently released a tender inviting proposals to automate all of its CMH (combined military hospital) facilities, with a pilot project to start in Jab/feb and finish automating one major CMH installation in 8 months. Every major firm, from Adamsoft, Si3, IBM,etc are all bidding for the golden prize, however one small, relatively unknown firm is tipped or known to have good chances of winning the project.

The remnants of what was once Faujisoft (a ISB based software firm) markets and sells a product called Medix and is incubated in its parent concern, fauji foundation. This small rag tag bunch of IT folks have actually automated most of Fauji foundations hospitals and are now looking to market their oracle based software to Pakistan. I have seen the software personally, its a great effort, needs some more maturity to be worked into it for it to be a true enterprise system, but its alot better than most local systems ive seen, it compares to systems built by Prislogix, NDC tech,etc.


2 thoughts on “Pakistan Army looks to automate its hospitals’ care

  1. Zahid Ali

    It is pre-scenario but you did not mentioned which small firm was supposed to get this contract. Actually there were a lot of stories in this project and up to my knowledge it was awarded to 4 companies at least at different times but practically there are no results so far. It is difficult to automate healthcare in army as the top faces are changes vision is also change either to zero or negative.

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