no SMTP? no Problem!


For most of us on the road constantly (especially the the last 2 days I have been to lahore, ISB and Karachi, driven 600km, taken 2 flights, you get the drift…) reliable email is a must now. Using the normal GPRS connections, you can pop/recieve your email. but you cannot send email. this is because most carriers have blocked the standard SMTP ports on their services. Short of paying through your nose for blackberry service, there is not much choice besides (in case you bought an imate) , or gmail. Neither uses your domain as well. Doesnt help when you need to send that million dollar proposal since it doesnt look too nice going through a free email service 🙂

Well, heres the solution : I just saw a friend using this cool tool that i downloaded and tried out. It lets me recieve and send my email through my phone,and through multiple accounts. its called flurry and it really rocks…. heres the link, try it out, let me know what you think….


4 thoughts on “no SMTP? no Problem!

  1. yaar
    how much your company spent paying for your extensive travelling?

    now compare the cost to having black berry service?

    so I think for the lifestyle advantages that BB offers, its cost is still small as a % of overall costs that a consultant carries with him.

    but yeah, in general, nothing beats free or close to free.

  2. the point was that Blackberry has evolved over years to be a very awesome productivity tool. i dont see how you can compare the output that you will produce from the 5k phone vs. a proper device+service.

  3. i guess im not really….but they push email as the prime application on a blackberry…and thats just….old. i can get email out of a 5k phone if i want. if i got a blackberry today it would be for more than just email.
    there are advantages, sure….but again, im not comparing it really. but if i jsut want email, i dont need any of those anymore exclusively…i dont have to pay 29000 for the device and 1500 rupees a month to check my inbox..i can do it for 5k now…

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