Pixsense – an awesome innovation being built in Pakistan


Pixsense (product and company have the same name) is a web based service for pushing out the pictures and videos you take with your phone out on the web. Currentl in beta, pixsense is based out of Karachi, run by a well experienced team of techies, some of them being of Clickmarks fame. The clickmarks team btw is now sort of broken up with some of them working on Pixsense and the rest running Folio3. The idea for this cool neat service started out in a coffee shop, like all great ideas, it has lots of potential. They are also hiring, btw if anyone is interested. I wonder if they can find people with extensive experience of mobile platforms ….

Check out the link below for more on their app



4 thoughts on “Pixsense – an awesome innovation being built in Pakistan

  1. Admittedly this is one of my favorite companies (to watch). I’ve met the CEO Adnan Agboatwalla – and he’s a very nice guy. The concept you have just got to love. Click with your phone and up it goes to the website (automatically)…. the picture that is. No more reloading, etc. etc.

    I wish them nothing but huge mega success.

  2. The actual abilities and in addition job functions are essentially the particular same. Requirements include a bachelor’s degree, two years of related experience, and successful completion of a four part exam. The Teen Mom 2 star worked in 2012 on the hit MTV show and in addition to that, she also signed on to work with Grace Adler, Scentsy, and Sulia.

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