GPRS based Net banking


Saudi Pak Bank recently launched their internet banking service with the usual set of features, ie you can check your account balance, last few transactions,etc etc. Whats different though about this effort compared to those of other banks is that Saudi pak allows you to do all this on your phone as well through a WAP site. This is a simple extension but brilliant for people on the move alot of the time, (that would be me). The simple fact that i can check my bank balance while parked waiting for the light to turn green makes me happy 🙂

So, good effort, great idea, hope it actually works…will post a follow up when i get to try it. I did try to access the online demo, which failed miserably to load and was an “exe” file. Probably a flash file. (Very smart…distribute exectuables on the internet through your banking site…that gives a very secure feeling to internet users)

More here:


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