Bank Islami implements Millennium Software’s HR system


Bank Islami recently became the latest customer of Millennium software’s HRMS system. Millennium software is a well known software house, with a few products aimed at the local market.Its known to be very comprehensive and tested in the local environment (which is why probably Bank Islami selected the system). Their HRMS is claimed (by them ofcourse) to be the most pervasive HRMS software in the Pakistani market, and is running at about 15 companies nationwide. Aimed at banks and large corporates, its based on Oracle, and claimed to be “web enabled”, note that does not mean web based, which usually is a pre requisite for most software today. No word on how compatible it is with other ERPs, modules,etc.

The software is based on Oracle and oracle forms, with probably some reports available online. No word yet if they are porting the software to be a complete real web based, 3 tier application. Probably not anytime soon. However the software is a great example of the fact that if you do your requirements engineering right with proper market research, and that translates into the right functionality, clients wont care about the technology in the back, (atleast not right away!)

I must add though that millennium has a very unprofessional website, which i discovered while looking for information on this system. In places the letter “u” has been used instead of “you”. I hope they dont use that website to entice HR heads towards their software or solutions.

Link below to the (terribly designed) product website:


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