PTCL goes for SAP…


After a long evaluation process, PTCL seems to have sided with the Germans and kicked out the Americans…atleast as far as company automation software is concerned. In what is a multi million dollar implementation project, PTCL has decided to drop Oracle, (withIBM Business consulting services as implementation partners) and gone with SAP. I’m sure the sales guys at Siemens are jumping with joy and the functional consultants are all trying to get their vacation time cashed in before what is to be possibly the largest SAP implementation to date starts.

This was a huge deal, both in terms of money and in terms of market dominance. One of the largest companies in Pakistan have opted to move with SAP instead of Oracle, sending a strong signal that in the end, the Pakistani Enterprise software market is beginning to look more and more like the ones in Europe and the US, where the largest customers go for SAP with clients running Windows machines, the middle tier usually opts for Oracle, and the SMB area is up for grabs by a host of players. Having said that though, the number of companies without sound processes and automation in Pakistan is enormous, and this area is just being tapped. Given our markets tendency to “follow the leader, but just do it as cheaply as possible”, the SAP win gives SAP/Siemens/Abacus a huge amount of credibility – IF they actually can tame and implement their system in such an organization like PTCL. FIrst of all though as soon as they are done with the finance module I’m sure all of Siemen’s PTCL lines will stop working 😉


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