Civil Hospital looks for an HMIS system


The Sindh government recently released a tender for a comprehensive Hospital ERP system (also know as an HMIS, Hospital Information Management System) for Civil Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in the country. Civil, as its mostly known has the largest number of incoming patients in Karachi on any given day and by and large runs on a completely manual system. The multi-crore valued tender calls for a vendor that has deployed similar HMIS systems in atleast 7-10 hospitals of similar size, and the inclusion of a PACs imaging component, thereby destroying any hopes of a locally built solution to be installed here, even though there are many.

What is good news is that the government has woken up to reality : Hospitals need robust HMIS systems to properly treat patients. Several private hospitals in Pakistan already run their own HMIS solutions, the largest and most notable being Agha Khan Hospital’s. Liaquat National has also contracted with Kalsoft for a system but news is that the project is on rocky ground so far. I hope the contract goes to a vendor with a local software solution though, not one that comes from abroad (which in Civil’s case seems like it will be a foreign software solution). We need to build up our own expertise, not import expensive software. We need to train our own people. If thats “reinventing the wheel” then lets reinvent it. Atleast we’ll learn how its done.


4 thoughts on “Civil Hospital looks for an HMIS system

  1. what is Aga Khan using? from what i remember from almost 1 year ago, they advertised hiring for project managers who could start their e-hospital project.

    Where do we read more about this PAC technology?

  2. Network_Consultant

    Infact you are unable to get the best consultant who will deliver the govt. sector an entire turnkey project by a single vendor – none of the software house is a good network implementor, and Civil Hospital project RFP has included both the part a software portion HMIS and a Network portion, offices/dept. connectivity.

  3. AGHA khan has their own custimized software system. the e-hospital project is an attempt to integrate and modernize their system as a whole. currently several systems have been developed and are integrated but not in a true sense. (ie reporting requirements, BI ,etc)

    for civil, most probably there will have to a consortium of players that will have to get together. I am not sure if this contract has been awarded as yet, if it hasnt, then the rumour is that the software will be foreign, ie east asian most probably or even turkish.

  4. Basically Aga Khan hospital had adopted a british system which they are managing by themself and it is based upon the old technologies whcih are integratable with modern analyzers and especially the PACS. They had put two years for integration of digital imaging with the system by revamping the RIS.
    We are also working in the same healthcare automation system from the last 13 years and have something good under our belt which implementation success in private army and civil sectors.
    These PACS etcs are basically gemics which are played to award the project to a specified vendor.

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