Pakistani Online Job sites


Got a staffing problem? Cant find the right engineers ? High turnover? not in the right job? Well join the club … these sites below might help to ease (or increase) your pain in this area, these two companies are the most well known monster-type sites in PK today…


Note : Ive never used either site, though my friend Osama did try to use to look for engineers for his new company, Core Digital Frameworks (CDF). He had this to say : (btw its not a good review)


9 thoughts on “Pakistani Online Job sites

  1. Osama A.

    Added a new post on my blog about Rozee.

    They actually read my post and made specific changes to address the concerns, and I am impressed by that proactive support.

  2. We got some really good feedback from Osama. I’ve posted some comments on his blog. Hopefully we can work with him to change his mind about ROZEE.PK. We initially started the site to hire for my company, Naseeb Networks. It grew organically and over 2/3 of my staff was hired through ROZEE. We are now at a point where we have made a strategic decision to commercialize the service ( is currently 100% free, unlike other sites like Brightspyre). While the site will continue offering free job postings for Pakistan’s employers, we will charge for other value added services such as our CV Search Engine, Hot Jobs, etc.

  3. I think overall its a great idea, within the next 3 years i think web based services, if they provide good customer service, will take off in PK. I have yet to try Rozee, but I would think a network like openBC or linked in would be very valuable as well…since most people do want to hire through references….
    but…service and availblity is key as always… it only takes 7 seconds (or less) for someone to move to another site, and google while I love it, also makes it easier for potential customers to find my competitors very easily.

  4. The human capital is one of the important pillar of economy, that still needs a lot of efforts to develop. We do see a lot of brain drain from Pakistan, and also lack of good quality professionals in some areas.

    At consistently working on improving the Human Capital in Pakistan. Good human resource will result in fast growing the Pakistan economy.

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