IBM GBS wraps up NTC project


IBM Global Business services (formerly IBM Business Consulting Services) recently wrapped up their NTC study project. The project included an AS-IS study and some BPR work for the fast up and coming telecom company. NTC provides services similar to PTCL, albeit on a smaller scale. They are known though for their great service, however as the company grows the need to install an ERP system seems to have grown as well, which is when IBM was asked by NTC’s management to dive in and do a study and suggest the best ERP solution after the As-is report was complete.

Rumours are that Oracle is a favourite, but now there is doubt as to the project’s future given some changes in management. In 90% of ERP implementation projects, the change management effort has to be directed to the end user of the system. Most ERP implementations fail not because of a technical shortcoming of the software product but most noticeably because top management gives into the collective resistance of the company’s employees to the change. For any ERP project to be successful, top management has to support it till the very end and stand by the IT team doing the project, for each module, not just the financials module!!

Lets see if NTC’s management is upto the task.


3 thoughts on “IBM GBS wraps up NTC project

  1. NTC was very recently audited by AGPR for financial mismanagement. A civil suti was also filed by a commerical contract working with them and won. PTCL has also filed a civil suit for seeking financial damages with respect to the VoIP terminatio business of NTC.

    The de facto Chairman right now is Nooruddin Baqai from MOITT. It will be “some” time before the next Chairman will even think about going ahead for a costly implementation of an ERP System.

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