PTA further cuts bandwidth prices


The PTA has reduced PTCL bandwidth tariffs in several categories. The average reduction in about 35%, and now for a 45 MBPS line (ds3) an ISP will pay $16,800 instead of $48,000. Kudos to the PTA.. but…This is so sarcastically funny I laugh out loud each time i read something like this. See, this is what our government did :

Step 1 : sell large state-owned monopolistic telecom to the Arabs’ Monopolistic telecom (Etisalat) by showing a high share price which basically comes about by charging tariffs that are 1000 times the world average for bandwidth, communications cost,etc, and keep potential competition out usng the legal structure
Step 2: once you have all the cash, start reducing those tariffs to “level” the playing field and try to get some goodwill for it and try to kickstart the broadband economy.

LOL, very smart indeed, even if it didn’t actually happen that way, thats what it looks like doesnt it… in any case, as a consumer all I can hope is that in the near future I see some of these savings being passed onto me. I still pay through my nose for a very measly amount of bandwidth, making me feel like an indentured e-citizen. Now that bandwidth is cheaper, will the ISPs pass these savings onto their customers? I’ll gladly switch to the ones that do over the ones that don’t.


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