AT&T follows Dell in shutting down its call centers in India


Dell’s decision on shutting down one of its large Indian operations seems to have given others the courage to follow suit… AT&T has decided to bring back jobs to the US as well, citing several reasons, such as being able to get the American worker unions to reduce their wages…which means the US workers arent going to sit around anymore and see their jobs go away to India. Apple has also decided NOT to open its call center in India and keep operations in the US.

Again, this is a chance to make these companies look elsewhere, (ie towards us…) above all our challenge would be to maintain service quality, something you cannot put a price tag on. The indian IT industry will recover from such small loses of business, but they have the same problem we might if we arent careful…maintaining service quality. Full article below :

Thanks to Imran for the link! keep em coming!


One thought on “AT&T follows Dell in shutting down its call centers in India

  1. AY

    Acutally I’ve been following this movement pretty closely. First, the call center operators in India are now realizing that its not in their best interest to operate CCs, they are moving to bigger and better BPO functions, Insurance cliams handling, medical transcripts and higher BOP functions. I talked to Cap Gemini (has a 30,000 people call center in India) and they are thinking of ‘shifting’ their operations to SA. So its not that the businesses are pulling out, its the Call center operators who have finally realized that there is a lot more money involved in other BPO functions than what call centers have to offer.

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