Dell abandons Indian outsourcing project


On ZD net today…Dell has admitted it made a mistake by taking its business to India. More evidence for us that India aint all that its hyped up to be. As a matter of fact, from what I read in this article, it was downright a sad story for Dell. Cracks in the shell like this are good opportunities for us to break into the US outsourcing market in a big way. Firms like Avanza, Five Rivers, Techlogix, TRG,etc offer a real alternative to India and Israel, at a better cost and higher quality in some cases….not to discredit India, they are doing great work…but there is a limit to the amount of business an industry can manage at a given time..sooner or later it will spill into other countries…everyone in the West is looking to outsource…go and get your share of the new economy now!!!!

Read the full article here:,39020648,39150648,00.htm

Thanks to my friend Mubin for forwarding the article! keep em coming man!


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