Tripleplay bowled out?


The very ambitious initiative taken by PTCL..dubbed as the Tripleplay project, according to several sources has been shelved. This happened awhile ago but I did not add it till I got a few more confirmations from sources in the Industry. Tripleplay envisioned giving its users broadband internet, cable TV and phone access all through the standard copper phone line. This would essentially have been DSL technology delivering IP TV, voIP telephony and standard internet access. This ofcourse leaves other providers like WorldCall and Wateen to move forward with their plans for similar systems based on Optic fiber and WiMAX respectively without fighting the strongest monopoly in the country.

Personally, I think its the right thing to do. Dump the copper cable, really. Its too old and has too many limits on it as a medium, and too many issues. Suppose I had tripleplay. then i would have to pay my lineman not to only fix my phone faster, but my cable tv and internet too!!! (I dont pay any lineman, but you get what i mean)


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