ABN’s CRM-ATM integration


ABM Amro Bank in pakistan is connecting its ATMs directly into its’ CRM system. An innovative idea, as a customer you will get direct marketing relevant to you right on the ATM screen while you do your transaction. It would be a good idea to also record in the CRM system the customer’s ATM usage experience. The interesting thing is, i havent seen any other bank connect IT systems and delivery channels this way. well, for that matter, most local firms do not grasp the importance of CRM system or of simple SFA (sales force automation) systems 🙂 Kudos to ABN!

On another note, I am down with the Flu and will return to blogging by this weekend.

And lastly, if you bank with Bank Al Habib, I suggest you switch before you arent able to access your accounts at all. their ATMS are usually down, and their interconnection with 1-link ATMs has been down for 2-3 days, overall service has gone from bad to worse to unavailable,hence I am switching off them this week. Will probably go with Metropolitan or UBL.


3 thoughts on “ABN’s CRM-ATM integration

  1. exactly! now if someone could only tell me which CRM they are using… 🙂 though this integration is another project altogether, it would be nice to know which crm they are integrating with.and if its a local product or not…

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