Top 10 best known SW companies in Pakistan


Here are the 10 local Software development houses that come to mind if someone would ask me “name me , off the top of your balding head, 10 well known software companies in Pakistan today” πŸ™‚

Please feel free to add names to this list through comments.

Here goes..All these companies have been around for 2 years or more.(not in set any order as such)
1. Techlogix

2. Inbox Technologies (ex- Threesixtydegreez, yes Inbox does SW now too)

3. Avanza Solutions

4. Mentor Graphics

5. Xavour


7. Kalsoft

8. Five Rivers Tech

9. Netsol

10. Alchemy Technologies


112 thoughts on “Top 10 best known SW companies in Pakistan

  1. MBQ

    not everything needs to have a point. its a thought process. maybe its for input.

    on a note: Alchemy is not a software development house πŸ˜€
    on a complete tangent: blogspot isnt working again. in case, god forbid, someone READS something. *gasp*

  2. ah, yes systems i left out, and sidat is not a pure software house…then again neither is alchemy. prosys andET i havent actually heard about from alot of people. no real point to it, but this would be the list that came to my mind when i asked myself this question….a different list might come to someone else’s mind πŸ™‚

  3. I think the point is to promote Alchemy Technologies πŸ™‚

    PASHA already has a list. I would look at current and past winners of PASHA ICT Awards, Pakistani firms representing Pakistan at regional and international events, posters on the PASHA forum. It would be neat to have a listing and rating by category of services provided.

    In terms of firms you left out, I would add MIXIT, Pi Sigma, Millenium and Maison Consulting; all much much bigger than us. The names will go on for ever. (You could look at Ather’s PSEB study on the technology sector in Pakistan)

    Sidat is actually a much much much bigger shop than ours and likely to get even bigger in the future. We are just a low profile bunch of nerds, geeks and freaks and shouldn’t be on any ones radar.

    But thanks for the reference. Its always appreciated.

  4. Raffat

    post amazers has been doing pretty decent as well…
    the commander safeguard thingy n all…wats says ?

    n btw Athar Osama’s study is obsolete
    ThreeSixtyDegreez had extremely minimum export operations after 2003
    nonetheless, heres wht the report said

    The Export-focused Local Firm
    ThreesixtyDegreez, Post Amazers, Advanced Communications, Makabu, Netsol, and Autosoft Dynamics etc.

    The Domestic-focused Local Firm: (pretty much every one)
    2B ZRG TPS Lumensoft Yevolve 2B Technologies SI3 Softech Systems Genesis Solutions Alchemy Technologies AppXS Oratech Askari Info Systems Acrologix Comcept LMKR CARE Acrologix ThreeSixtyDegreez Post Amazers Advanced Comm. Netsol Makabu Autosoft Dynamics Sidaat Hyder MorshedAvanza Solutions GoNet Kalsoft Jinn Technologies Secure3 Networks Systems Ltd Progressive Systems Millennium Software Etilize Prosol Adamsoft Ultimus MixIT Techlogix Xavor Elixir Technologies ITIM AssociatesMetaAppsClickmarksEnabling Tech. (Quartics)Trivor SystemsStrategic Systems Int’lESP Global Systems

    Export-focused Foreign Firm
    Elixir, Etilize, Ultimus, MixIT, TechLogix, Prosol, and Xavor etc.

    Dedicated Offshore Development Center
    MetaApps, ITIM Associates, Clickmarks, Trivor Systems, and Strategic Systems International

  5. Great plains implementation, among other things. They did the D-Mart ERP and POS roll out. According to Sultan they now sell more MS solutions than any other vendor in Pakistan.

  6. Do the members of this room know of a player who is taking the Pakistani IT market by storm, silently ?…..I hv heard of a firm named Softflux. they hv been doing pretty well and winning top awards….they will soon catch up and beat the big names….

  7. no one has mentioned pixsense and mobilecomplete – 2 software companies which are product based, cutting edge technology, 2 to 40 in less than 18 months and looking at 100 ppl in another 18 months, already worth a lot more than most s/w houses in list above, and may exit for $100 Million +

    check out and

  8. Moazzam

    folio3, earlier clickmarks can be considered one too — although it’s more of an incubator.

    And totally agree, mobilecomplete and pixsense have a young energetic management team (the Faraz Duo) that will definitely do good. Though after talking to Mobilecomplete’s CEO seems he’s still deciding where to expand his core technology team.

  9. atifa

    it will be better to show about international firms and multinational firms catagourically…………………………so that information can be gather without extra searching.

  10. Trashd

    Ya this is a very important post.
    For many of us we are looking at becoming the top PK company or at least working for them.
    In your opinion what makes a top PK SW firm?
    Is it just salary?
    Management style?
    Mulitnational prestige?

    What is it?

  11. Danish

    Whoever said that? Mohtashim what i did was just put a name that wasnt there coz i heard it….no marketing gimmick….

    With regard to your latest post, a little bit of everything makes a top Pakistani SW firm. The most important of it can be the way it handles itself across different global markets aka multinational prestige and brand value. We as people in the pakistani IT industry need a little value attached to our images….

    what you say people?

  12. MBQ

    i really love this last comment.

    see if this yasir dude is NOT a lahori, then its probably a ‘blemishing’ remark. if he is lahori, then well, who knows πŸ™‚ lahoris are crazy! (and fun. im a lahori :P)

  13. HZ

    plz can any one help me !!! i have recently joined a software house and i know jack abt it.. n im in a management position.. can u plz agree on the top 10 firms so that i may use it in my research…

  14. strider

    nice try HZ … I am also looking for something like that πŸ™‚
    Also I would appreciate if you share your research here … thanks in advance πŸ˜‰

  15. Ayesha

    Hi. if u have given there websites it would have helped me a lot. looking for a job. need the sites.

    Kindly add them if u have time.

  16. Ahmad

    You are missing Softech. Softech isn’t only one of the best but its growing fastest as well. I think they were ranked in the top 5 software houses in Pakistan by Jamal’s several years ago, and they have only been growing ever since.

  17. Hey Guys Lakson Business Solution, this is a new company but very strong company, it’s a subsidiary of Lakson Group they will kick off their competitors. This company is hiring top experts from different software companies.

    hey Ayesha Try applying in this company i hope you will get good job.

  18. zeeshan

    Top Ten companies in terms of revenue generation for the year 2005 -06 latest list is not yet published

    NetSol Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. 253466767

    Ovex Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. 175595426

    TRG Pvt Ltd 134039606

    System Pvt Ltd. 116741802

    Elixir Tech Ibds 92877596

    Descon LT24 Pvt Ltd 83958.584

    Trivor Software 72181.518

    TIG Netsol Pvt Ltd 61544168

    Geopaq Tech Pvt Ltd Ibd 59345819

    Fusion Itech. (Renamed as Enterprise DB) 50889657

    any need HR email address of any of the above company do let me know.

  19. Sophia Abrar

    Faisal is right, Lakson Business Solutions is hiring resources these days and they have appointed top experts from the market. Lakson Group itself is a good employer and I β€˜m sure that this software house would be soon listed in top local companies and is one of the best to work with….


  20. Imran Mirza

    Can any tell me about Geopaq company. I am joing there as Sr software engineer. Is it stable company and working according to software standards.
    Please tell me soon.

    Best Regards

  21. strider

    Imran Mirza: please join Geopaq and let us know as well …

    zeeshan: I think that you are also from HR … can you list down top SW houses of KHI …

    Lakson Business Solutions … bravo!

  22. strider

    aj … Systems / overrated … I belief you are referring the list from Zeeshan … Remember this is the revenue report published by PSEB (I think in 2006) and the current fact is that System Limited β€œmay be” more than that as per revenue / USD SW export in ranking!

  23. asad

    damn it people netsol should be placed first in the list its the only company in pakistan to be cmmi level 5 certified Techlogix is cmmi level 2…

    have a mercy guys! 😦

  24. ram

    i want to know the richest guy of pakistan. what are current economic condition of pakistan. does pakistan’s business is better then india. i know never but dont loose hope pakis.

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  26. Aamir Rasheed

    I came to know that Lakson Business Solutions is establishing a new division and is about to hit the market with SAP for the ERP solution.

    Do you guys think that ERP consulant is a good career option ?

    Aamir Rasheed.

  27. Top Ten Software Companies

    NetSol Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. 253466767

    Ovex Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. 175595426

    TRG Pvt Ltd 134039606

    System Pvt Ltd. 116741802

    Elixir Tech Ibds 92877596

    Descon LT24 Pvt Ltd 83958.584

    Trivor Software 72181.518

    TIG Netsol Pvt Ltd 61544168

    Sulat@ iSoft (Pvt.) Ltd. 042-8350106

    Fusion Itech. (Renamed as Enterprise DB) 50889657

    any need HR email address of any of the above company do let me know

  28. Usama

    hey guys. also try looking for top indian software houses each with a revenue of more than

    1 -TCS $ 7 bn
    2- Wipro $ 5 bn
    3- Infosys $ 4 bn
    4- HCl $ 2 bn
    5- Satyam $ 1.5 bn

    they are much much much … bigger than ours. we have to run extremely fast to catch the train

    i could only wish that the BB and N Sahib governments during 80s and 90s could could have used their brains to bring IT for Us. pitty for them for being so dummy and illiterate people.

    ( i have been researching on Pakitans IT firms for Last 2 years )
    Now i will tell about the really good future software Power Houses that u should prefer when working for them.

    1- Si3 why?—> following foot steps of Wipro (mentioned earlier)
    2- Kalsoft why?—> Mr Kalia will make it pakistan’s Infosys

  29. strider

    Usama … could you share more information covering more SW houses … BTW I have heard that would be a rumor, that investors of si3 are taking back their investment out of the company …

  30. Rumours are abound in these tough economic times . Si3 and the whole local industry are also victims of the global fallout. I would not believe any rumours on anyone till information is made public by the companies themselves.

    Lets test the quality of our sources before spreading the word….

  31. Saeed Awan

    if some one can brief me about the software companies, I ve been ask to prepare a software for a big office consist of four floors .
    I am on it and furthe want to know thanks

    Muhammad Saeed.

  32. fawad habib

    i think comsoft is a number 1 nsoftware house in Pakistan because wants and needs of customers are satisfied here. sir shahid masood once said as a marketer you are a marketer and for marketer it is really a marketing approcch to be a good marketer and u must have to take marketing lecture for your marketing future.

  33. Saud

    Guys Systems Limited is looking for experienced lead level java resource.
    And there are rumors that ITIM has fired a whole lot of 32 people.

  34. I suggest the point is to promote edusoft system solutions.
    PASHA already has a list. I would look at PSEB(Pakistan Software Export Board) which representing Pakistan at regional and international events, posters. It would be neat to have a listing and rating by category of services provided.

    But thanks for the reference. Its always appreciated.

  35. Farhan

    I know some good SW which are not mentioned here and few which are closed or no longer exist


    Descon Information Systems (DIT24)

    If someone know more then please do add into the list.

  36. Munawwar

    Is it true foreign Banks in Karachi pay around Rs 500,000 per month to Senior level IT professional & Managers with 5 to 8 years experience, with MS degree from America (UK, Australia).
    If this is true then it seems salaries paid by foreign Banks in Karachi are acutally not much different from the US.
    If this is the case, it seems to be a good idea to first find an employment in a foreign Bank in Karachi, and then move move back to Pakistan.
    Can someone with information about salaries in foreign Banks verify?

  37. Top Ten Software Companies

    NetSol Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd.

    Ovex Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd.

    TRG Pvt Ltd

    System Pvt Ltd.

    Elixir Tech Ibds

    Descon LT24 Pvt Ltd

    Trivor Software

    TIG Netsol Pvt Ltd

    Sulat@ iSoft (Pvt.) Ltd.

    Fusion Itech. (Renamed as Enterprise DB)


  38. Every list would be limited to the posters knowledge and experience.

    My list based on company’s technical depth and presumed earnings would be:

    1. Mentor Graphics
    2. Axact
    3. Netsol
    4. Palmchip
    5. LMKR
    6. TRG
    7. Netsol
    8. Systems
    9. Teclogix
    10. Xavor

    Maha (

  39. Maira Khan

    Hi Guys n Girls,

    Can anyone plz help me … I am looking for a IT Job in Karachi. Having good profile but dont know much about KHI…new in town. Please do let me know abt the good Software ompanies in Karachi. Thanks.

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  41. Syed Waqar Abbas

    According to me here is the list

    Mentor Graphics
    Systems Ltd

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  44. Imran

    Glad to see the list but it should be updated once again.
    I would appreciate if friends can input with the latest positions of the software houses and IT consulting firms.

    Thanks & regards,

  45. Nida

    Dear All,

    One of the Pakistan’s leading IT company is looking for a Business Development Executive (for Karachi).
    who have excellent Sales Skills and have experience for local or International Market.

    only relevant candidate send in their resume to:

  46. Ch Waqas

    i recently completed my BSCS 4 years in software engineering,my final project is Account and Database system of an campus of AIOU,
    tools i used are oracle 9i,Developer 6i.
    I also make some websies design in HTML and CSS.
    i also used J Query.
    Now i am working on ASP.Net at home.
    Allow me to join your group.
    Contact: 0333-5402002
    Ch Waqas

  47. ali

    Afsos Pakistan have no Company like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM…….. etc…
    But time’s coming πŸ™‚ let Nation conquer..

  48. guys,
    this is for your kind knowledge that Sidat Hyder Morshid is a IT house with employees more then 200 and one good thing is kay they once hired they dont fired people, secondly Sidat is one of a leading software house in terms of revenue and they have 400 plus clients around globe.
    I am not fighting that why not name in top 5 or 10 but I thought to add this point in your knowledge…

    Avenza is on 2 nd floor of our building where as we have 4 floors in that building….Thanks all
    Proud to be a part of Sidat…

    I.T professions can catch me on linkedin as well.

  49. Muhammad Talal Shoaib

    Its a bogus list…there are so many software companies that are left out…Systems…Kolachi…Mazik Global etc etc

  50. hydkam

    Nobody named Zaintech Pakistan Karachi. Top Pakistani Software Engineering firm selling its products e.g Internet Download Manager (one of the top in its kind) and AVG Antivirus etc.

  51. Mohd Shoeb Prince

    As compare to india Pakistan is nothing in software field i was just checking out…………is there any google or microsoftware type company in pak

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