Going Jamin (Looking for an Imate or Windows smartphone pda in karachi?)


Apparently alot of people have been searching the net for PDAs, specifically information on Imates and connected PDA phones,etc and ofcourse Im sure most of you have found nothing on the internet with regards to local pricing. So heres 2 places where you can go to get an idea of price:

1. Beliscity.com – http://beliscity.com/index.asp

2. Clifton Computers -phone: 021-5870778 (Call and ask for Saleem bhai, he can help you with models and pricing…one of the most well known IT shops in Karachi and they dont even have a website! Saleem bhai please make one and post your prices on it!!!)

BTW I hate the cheap and sloppy “Imate, do you?” slogan. Imate folks, you are ruining your branding with such cheap slogans for such a remarkable little gadget.


2 thoughts on “Going Jamin (Looking for an Imate or Windows smartphone pda in karachi?)

  1. MBQ

    unfortunately there seems to be a plethora of suggestive advertising these days. not that advertising has ever been, or is supposed to be, anything other than suggestive, but there are more tasteful ways to do it. personally I feel that slogans such as ‘i mate, do you?’ and ‘have you touched your chocolate today?’ are insulting to the intellect, in addition to being unnecessarily vulgar. unless some group of hormone raging, stuck-in-teenage-angst, tunnel visioned crowd think they’re ‘liberating’. whatever.

  2. Omair

    thank you for the valuable information
    i have been A PDA USER for last couple of years and truly its an addiction plus due to some softwares its my necessity in life as well.
    my guy is Mr.Tabish he has a shop in serena tower buffer zone near D.C office and he has helped me thru pricing to every accessory i have asked for including reloading new windows.
    i would recommend all of you to try him.
    Indeed ,in karachi very few shops keepa collection of PDA and own them.

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