Karachi Submerged….


Im skipping writing about IT news today. I got home at 9pm, soaked, battered, bruised, I had to park my car in clifton (i hope i remember where it is) since there was too much water collecting on the roads to drive through. Then I had to walk 40 minutes in a knee-deep, flash flood that resembled the start of Hurricane Katrina to get home. And since i also fell into a gutter that didnt have its manhole cover on (which are stolen frequently..i got out of the gutter with some effort) I ended up in am emergency room an hour after i got home with my cousin for vaccine shots. Im not the only one suffering though. Hundreds of people today have not been able to get home, are stuck at offices, or on the road which is completely blocked. Electricity is barely available, I hope it doesnt go out before this post goes online, both my UPS’es are only at half-power. Its amazing really, one bad spell of rain and everything comes to a standstill.

One interesting thing I did notice while I was wading through the water to get home. We , as a country dont know how to scale infrastructure. Not just in the Software industry, where you will not find any software company with more than 200 people,e xcept at Systems (pvt) ltd which has 1000 people globally[ Thanks for the info on that one Amir!] . Most  SW companies have 15-30 employees each. There is a similar case in almost every other facet of infrastructure and knowledge building, if you go by comparative scale. We as a nation need to train our managers how to scale operations and learn to build and maintain large capacity..be it roads, electricity or human resources… well first we need alot more good managers 🙂

Karachi submerged