A cell phone that thinks its a PC…


Here is Microsoft’s answer to the digital divide; A Windows based smartphone with a TV out and keyboard port. So you could connect it to your TV , use a keyboard and your could surf the internet over GPRS.

I think its revolutionary, and one of the best ideas out there so far. Think about it, if they can pull it off, then your average pakistan who does dish out 6000 rupees for a cellphone could buy this instead (assuming it is that cheap, hey its supposed to be for the masses!) and connect to the web. Which means that .com idea you have might actually now work 😉

hmmm, I wonder what Steve Jobs would say to that. Maybe he’ll give us all free iPODs to counter the phone from microsoft.(you wish!!!) And those iPODS would have hypnotizing messages to buy punjabi songs from iTunes. Then again, maybe the phones will crash so much (my Windows Smartphone crashes all the time actually) people might dump them for their old nokia 3300’s 😉

For full details , visit engadget:



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