Blades begin to cut deep into Pakistani Server Market


Over the last year, there has been considerable focus on Server Blades in the local Pakistani Market. Companies with more than 12-15 servers have started looking at server consolidation strategies and in most cases have selected either IBM, Intel or HP based blade systems. IBM and Intel lead the market locally with HP coming in a distant third, the only implementation ive heard of so far has been in Mueller and Philips. I would never go with an HP bladecenter anyway.

IBM on the other hand has gained momentum in the higher-end blade market and now has several implementations, Union Bank, Maersk Sealine, TCS, and Hinopak being few of the names that have IBM Blade installations. Intel is working on capturing the low-cost market, notably PAF has several Intel blades now in their IT setup. By design, most Blade systems incorporate a SAN storage array in their designs too…

Desktops blades on the other hand havent yet had a good run in the local market. Treet corporation is the only company that i heard about last year running the Clearcube Desktop Blade solution. Clearcube is very successful in Europe and the US but i think our market might be too young for such a solution. Thin clients though are on the liftoff pad and are taking off. more on thin client in another post.

Wikipedia has a great page on Blade systems and what they are /what they do :


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